Sunday, 22 June 2014

Interesting lot of really old mahogany.

See the picture below, I was given this by a friend who was working near an old cottage, the workmen who were renovating the cottage were ripping out old beams and throwing them in in a skip!
Fortunately my friend Trevor knew how good this wood is so got some out for himself and has given me some offcuts for which I am very grateful.
Don't know how old it is but guessing a couple of hundred years old, it is mahogany and in wonderful condition, no holes and beautifully matured.
Good job he didn't bring me a beam as I would not have been able to cut it down.
Not sure what I am going to make from it yet, definitely some miniature turnings and if I can cut it down ( a lot of it is quite thick) and possibly some wood panels for my next project which could be a tudor room box.

This morning I made a Tudor style grindstone from a small piece of the wood, quite pleased with it, have stained it dark oak and the finish has come out nice, stained mahogany is much better for miniatures than plain white wood.

Yes the grindstone does turn with the handle, even surprised myself that it worked!
It is removable from the table as can be seen below.
Not been posting much lately due to a lot of selling on ebay, but now is the time of year for me to experiment and play a little, so watch this space.
Have already started shaping some of the wood for a couple of settles, which I will show here when completed.
Any suggestions for what else could be made from this wood, then please post below.