Thursday, 22 September 2011

New woods

Still busy in the workshop, building stock for the new Midland Fair in Droitwich on November 20th.
I have some new woods which I have imported from Hawaii, the pedestal above I have turned in aged Hawaiian Milo.
This hat stand I have turned in Hawaiin Banyan, this has some very interesting grain and markings.
I have and will be turning more in these woods ready for the fair.
Am also working on a couple more new things, which I am confident will also be on my table.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Back to the wood, well this time it's rare wood.

I have turned this in Cocobolo Burl, this is as rare as rocking horse pooh, it's a difficult wood to turn but has such a beautiful finish as you can see from the dolls house trinket box above.
I couldn't avoid the camera flare due to the high gloss finish I obtained.
Again this is the same wood as above, I only have a small amount of this and shall be very careful how I use it, whatever I turn now, most of the turnings will be at the Midland Fair, this is in Droitwich on November 20th.