Thursday, 29 March 2012

a bit more adventurous

Testing myself again, this time with a Spinning Wheel.
24 turned parts in 4 different exotic woods, nothing is movable, just wanted it to look like a spinning wheel, it stands just a touch under 3" tall.
This project really tested my patience, I could really do with some thinner fingers!
This will be on my table at Kings Lynn over in Norfolk on April 15th, please say hello if visiting.
As usual my table (Harvington Miniatures) will only contain miniatures which are 100% hand made by myself.
Wonder what I can try and make next......hmmmm

Thursday, 22 March 2012

still turning

Still busy with the miniatures in the workshop, three weeks now till the Kings Lynn fair and then Sutton Coldfield a couple of weeks after that. Working on yet another new stand as well.
The vase on the left I have turned in Malleee Burl, the one on the right is Big leaf maple burl, I have listed both on ebay.
A new fireplace and some new flagons will hopefully be ready in time for the April fairs.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Still turning

Cheltenham went okay, not the best fair I have exhibited at, but may do it again next year, but then again may not.
Could have done with a few more people through the door though.

Just taken delivery of a parcel of wood, looks lovely and managed half hour on the lathe, bit more tomorrow hopefully, the above piece is buckeye burl and I have just listed it on ebay.
Nice smooth finish which gives a nice marble effect.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

and there's more......

Still working, this time I thought I would make a little sister for the larger table, this is a 1/24th table, again it's made from 100 year old Brazilian Mahogany, inlaid with Amboina Burl and has rosewood feet, measures 2" across and 1-3/16" high.
Just over2 days to go now till Cheltenham, will I making anything else, yes you bet I will, but you will have to come to the fair to see what I've made.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Still at it

We are now more or less packed and ready for the Cheltenham Fair, so it's given me chance to start trying out some of the woods that a good friend sent me from America at Christmas.
This one is Buckeye Burl and this is now my favourite wood to turn, it finishes with such a high gloss finish, think I shall be purchasing a lot more of this wood, but not quite yet, I have about another ten woods from the package that I haven't tried yet, but they are going to have to be something special do out do this one.
Boy, do I love making miniatures.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

More miniatures

Well it's just one week now till my first fair of the year, Cheltenham on Sunday 11th March, if you visit please stop by and say hello, we are on table 38.
I have been doing a bit more furniture making as you can see from the photo below, I have used 100 year old Brazilan Mahogany, inlayed with Amboina Burl and has rosewood feet, this will only be offered for sale at Cheltenham.
Thankfully my latest oil paintings are dry and will be ready in time, I am doing a range of instant ancestor portraits, ideal for most periods from Victorian or earlier, I have done five to start with, all are numbered, will be interesting to see if they sell.
Again these for now will only be available at the fairs.