Sunday, 22 July 2012

Having a pleasant weekend watching the Golf on TV and at the same time painting, the miniature above is Blickling Hall, this is from a sketch I did when we visited back at the end of June.
Managed to do a few turnings this morning ready for next weekend when we shall be at Crick which is not far from Rugby, looking forward to this as it's a place we have not exhibited at before.
Have to get busy now as we have four fairs within the next six weeks.
All the above are turned in exotic woods, I do love the one on the right which is rosewood burl, shame about the quality of the photo.
Have a lot more on the go in the workshop, a couple of new items at least for Crick, so I am still on target for introducing a new item at each fair we exhibit at.
There are actually quite a few new turnings to add to our table at Crick, have sold quite a lot at the last few fairs, so will be turning a lot more before we depart early next Sunday morning.
Not just exotic woods either, I have been using some nice select pieces of acrylic as well.
The Harvington Miniatures Roadshow continues to roll.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Only realised today that it has been well over a week since my last post, so thought I had better get to it, am working on a few new things right now, the little candlestick holder above is now ready for our next fair which is at Crick in two weeks time, have managed to turn three of them, not easy to do due to the size as you can see from the photo.
And before anyone asks, No the candle does not actually light up!
After six weeks without a fair we have a few coming up over the next month, so will be busy making miniatures and hopefully produce so of my new ideas.
Below is the latest photo of my favourite miniature, grand daughter Martha, she has now taken a liking to her family pet (Choo).
Martha is now 5-1/2 months old and I can't see it being much longer before she is walking, she does love to be stood up.
She is now experimenting with real food and after sucking on some cucumber yesterday she was promptly sick on me!
Well what can anyone say about the current British weather, rain, rain and more rain, feels more like Autumn at the moment, so much that we have been spending more time that usual watching TV, yes I know I could at least be painting, but...
Buying a few DVD's right now, one I fancied was Survivors, this was a BBC series back from the 70's, wow I checked ebay and you should see the prices, anything from £70 upwards, so checked Amazon and found it brand new at £22, watched the first epsiode last night.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Unlocked the door!

Well I'm back, had a great week in Norfolk, the weather was brilliant, thankfully.
Did a few turnings this morning, just to get my hand in again, was good to be back on the lathe again.
Miniatures above are amongst a few that will be listed on ebay tonight.

Although we have visited before we just had to visit Blickling Hall again, it is such an amazing place, owned by the National Trust, it is kept in remarkable condition, if you get the chance to visit then don't hesitate.
Hmmmm, though if you are to spend a bit of time there take some sandwiches and a drink.
Okay money is needed for the upkeep, would have thought them entrance fees would have looked after that.
But it was so hot, we popped in the cafe for a couple of drinks, a small bottle of coke and a water, okay nothing to go mad about, but come on the cost is way over the top.
I did say something about it which is unusual for me!, but the lady just brushed my complaint aside, expect she is used to it by now, you know the type, hand knitted long skirt and knickers, white top and flat cap which looks like they have been cut out of a tent.
Come on National Trust, you are doing a good job but stop ripping customers off.

Overall though we had a brilliant holiday, Cley Mill is another great place to visit.
We found a great bookshop just a few yards away, hmm that proved to be an expensive visit, but if you ever visit this wonderful place then there is a small cafe at the mill, we had cream teas, very reasonably priced and   was very lightly priced, how I managed to finish off the pot of cream I'll never know, but I did.

And to finish this post off, again if you are ever over Norfolk there is a new Dolls House Shop, Tudor Rose Miniatures at Bawdiswell Garden Centre, it's just a few miles out of Norwich, it's a lovely shop with lots of interesting miniatures and very friendly and the Garden Centre is pretty good as well.
They now stock my wood turnings, fingers crossed they are succesful.