Thursday, 29 December 2011

Back to work

I hope everyone has had a nice Christmas, I've enjoyed it but perhaps over indulged with the chocolates.

But been back in the workshop, turning mainly loads of small wine bottles, but did manage time to turn a few fancy ones, a couple of which can be seen here, these two are now on ebay.
Will not be doing much in the workshop though till after New Years Day, then it will be back to normal, need to get the stocks back up as we intend exhibiting at quite a few fairs this year, due to health problems we only managed three last year, all being well our first will be at Cheltenham in March.

The new year will also see a lot more paintings back on our stand, already started with the paints, what better composition can there be than a box of watercolours coupled with a box of Chocolates!
Happy New Year to everyone.

Monday, 12 December 2011

The pixies

Thanks for the tips on the pixies folks.
I was going to let them out, but just like the chap at the store said, they were mega pixies, actually mega wasn't the word for them, they were huge, seems like the micro chips must be very fattening.
So they are still in there.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Cruelty to Pixies

Well it was a visit to the Big City yesterday, visit to the hospital which went well.
We did a lot of Christmas shopping as well, as good as done in one day which was nice.
Anyway I decided to treat myself to one of these modern  telephones, good god that salesman must have thought I was a dippy, okay I'm not completely compliant with the modern phones, but come on, he was telling me they have a camera incorporated in them!
What on earth will they think of next.
But hold on a minute, even I could see straight away that the phone wasn't big enough to get a roll of film inside it, anyway he then tells me the camera is digital and has 10 pixies in it and doesn't need a film, okay if it's true then that is amazing, but come on if that is the case then that is sheer cruelty, what have the pixies done to deserve that.
Anyway me being what I am, tonight I am going to remove the back from the camera and let the pixies out, after all it is Christmas.