Saturday, 28 December 2013

new website

Hope everyone has had a nice Christmas and all enjoy a Happy new year.
Personally I have had a bit of a break from miniature work, but going to get back in the workshop again.
I've not been entirely idle, I have been working on my new website, something I have been meaning to do for a long time, anyway it is now almost finished and can be seen at
Any comments or suggests will be welcomed.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Antique Ernest Rinzi Miniature Watercolour

I bought this several years ago from an antique shop who described it as a circa 1880 miniature with brass frame.
It is a beautiful watercolour which has been painted on vellum.
The artist is Ernest Rinzi and titled 'Augusta', 9cm tall by 7cm wide.
This is a society artist of high repute, he has two of his paintings in the Royal Collection.
This artist's work rarely goes on sale.
The painting is housed in one of the most beautiful frames that I have ever seen.
I will be selling this at a fine art auction in the UK, they have so far given me a pre auction estimate of £600-£800, could be worth more, more research is currently being undertaken by the auction house.
If anyone is interested in making a direct purchase from me then please email me at
I can send more photos if needed.
As for my miniatures, I am currently having a short rest from painting but will be back at the easel very shortly.
My miniature paintings will have a slightly different look in 2014 as I am just putting the finishing touches to a new range of frames, some of which will be finished in
 24carat genuine gold leaf.