Thursday, 8 December 2011

Cruelty to Pixies

Well it was a visit to the Big City yesterday, visit to the hospital which went well.
We did a lot of Christmas shopping as well, as good as done in one day which was nice.
Anyway I decided to treat myself to one of these modern  telephones, good god that salesman must have thought I was a dippy, okay I'm not completely compliant with the modern phones, but come on, he was telling me they have a camera incorporated in them!
What on earth will they think of next.
But hold on a minute, even I could see straight away that the phone wasn't big enough to get a roll of film inside it, anyway he then tells me the camera is digital and has 10 pixies in it and doesn't need a film, okay if it's true then that is amazing, but come on if that is the case then that is sheer cruelty, what have the pixies done to deserve that.
Anyway me being what I am, tonight I am going to remove the back from the camera and let the pixies out, after all it is Christmas.


  1. I would too!!! cruelty to Pixies...gotta be a law against it! :D Linda x

  2. You been on the egg-nog already? ;) Can I have some too? Love your imagination.

  3. Haha Dave....whatever they gave you at the hospital, sounds like it's doing you good!!! Celia


    Dave, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES let the pixies out! They'll cause havoc and mayhem, not to mention being a right bugger to get back in the phone.

    Don't even think about it.....


  5. I have to agree with Sandra!!!!! You should know by now just what those pixes are capable of......we all want a peaceful pixie-free Christmas!!!