Friday, 27 April 2012

My favourite miniature

My favourite miniature is, wait for it, is our first grandchild, 'Martha Belle Baker', three months old this Sunday, but she isn't for sale, not enough money in the world for this one I'm afraid.
Hopefully she will help on our stand in a few years time.
Back to business now though, been turning and making many new things in time for this Sunday's Dollshouse and Miniature fair which is at the Penn's Hall Hotel in Sutton Coldfield.
Two on show here are a honey pot with dipper in Red Malleee Burl and a Mortar & pestle in Cocobolo, many more like this will be available at very reasonable prices.
Then it's three weeks till our next fair which will be at Stourport on Severn, lots of new miniatures on the way for that one as well, I just can't sit still, have to keep making, at this rate we shall have to have an extension on the house!

Kings Lynn went that well that we have now booked more fairs with Dolly's Daydreams, they do run their fairs very professionally.
Crick, Hinckley and Thame still to come with them, possibly more toward the end of the year.

The HARVINGTON MINIATURES roadshow is fully under way again.


  1. Martha is a lovely baby!
    The honey pot is fabulous.
    Bye Faby

  2. Yes she is your best miniature - absolutely gorgeous!!!
    Your turned work is fabulous as always - have a great fair.

  3. Marta es muy hermosa ;)
    Un abrazo

  4. Your little two legged miniature is beautiful Dave!!! Fingers crossed for the next fair.