Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Okay it's just over three days and the Harvington Miniatures Roadshow will be on it's way again, this time to Hinckley in Leicestershire, will be a first for us to that county, so hope all goes well.
Neck is back to normal thankfully and today has been the first time I have felt comfortable in the workshop, have managed to do a few turnings in a new batch of burl woods that I now have, lots of new items again since the last fair and then it's the end of July before our next one.
I do have new ideas which I hope to develop during the next few months and you will see them here as and when I get them ready.
Another of my new paintings above, this is titled 'Norfolk Cottage'.

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  1. Fantastic! Your painting is fabulous.
    Bye Faby