Saturday, 7 September 2013

Back with the painting

Been absent from the miniature world for a few weeks, needed a break by the sea.
Painting above is of Windsor castle and is approx 3" wide.
Painting below is of Beatrix Potter's house and this is a tiny one, actual painting is approx 3/4" wide, both frames are made by myself, I have a few more tiny ones planned, keeps the eye muscles active!

Am about to embark on a lot of miniature turnings and also have a few new ideas I want to try in miniature, photos to follow if the ideas work out.

Stop Press; my old website has now gone, currently building a much smaller one which is


  1. Dave, your paintings are simply beautiful! Congratulations. The frames a so good, you've done a wonderful job with them. You're so clever making them to fit the a art, rather than the other way around - you always lose part of the picture when "forcing" it into a standard small frame.
    Can't wait to see it on the wall.
    Enjoy your weekend and don't strain your eyes!

  2. Your paintings are fabulous. You're a great artist.
    Bye, Faby

  3. Love your paintings and I really like the style of your new website!