Saturday, 26 April 2014


And for something completely different to my normal turnings, well perhaps a lot of them aren't normal!
This is a Hookah, originally it came from the Persian empire, then it became popular in Egypt, now it is known the world over, sometimes known as a water pipe or shisha, although many substances can be used it is know for flavoured tobacco, the vapours are passed though a water basin or bowl.
I have turned this from a lovely piece of a new hybrid material.
All my turnings are miniature, this hookah for example measures just under 2" tall.

Below is a tobacco jar and pedestal, I say tobacco but could be used to hold many different things.
The last of today's turnings is below, an incense burner, again this could be used for any purpose you wish.
The Tobacco jar with stand and the incense burner are both turned from Maple eye burl, this has a lovely finish, tops are removable and the bowls are hollowed out.
Now I need to start racking my brain to see what other ideas I can come up with.