Thursday, 28 April 2011

Am ready now

Okay as good as ready now for Stourport on May 1st, the 9 art deco vases above will be on our table along with lots and lots of new items and everything on our table is hand made by myself and wife Pauline.

I note that I now have 99 followers and as promised when this reaches 100 I will be giving a prize, I shall get someone at Sunday's fair to pick out a number between 1 and 100, I have yet to decide what the prize will be, any suggestions will be gratefully recieved.


  1. They are lovely Dave. My favourites are the yellow/red ones far right! Good luck at Stourport!! Celia

  2. Wow Dave, those are beautiful! Good luck at Stourport. I'm really loving those blue and white vases and the one on the top at the far right is very interesting as well. Is that a night sky on there or are my eyes deceiving me?

    Great work!!

  3. Thanks for comments Celia & Dale, the one top right is a night sky with a witch flying through. All are hand painted.

  4. Really SUPER vases Dave really great designs - I love the witchy one and the yellow, red and black pair - I think these will be a real hit at Stourport!! Best wishes for the fair.

  5. Thanks Robin, hope you are right.