Sunday, 10 April 2011

Apothecary Bottles and Jars

Been making some new additions to my range, apothecary jars for witches, downside of these is I am having severe problems with labels, the largest of these bottles is 13/16" tall, I daresay I will get round it and if I do they will appear on my website with the labels, the one on the yellow bottle is not readable it's that small, don't even know if it's the right way up!
None of the tops are removable.
Can do a good trade deal on a set of these unpainted, just email me through my website if interested.


  1. These are wonderful Dave. When I make my tiny clothes labels I don't reduce them until the printing stage (by percentage)and the writing comes out so clear and tiny that it can only be read by magnifying glass. Does that make sense? :)

  2. Thanks Janine, yes it makes sense, my main problem is that my fingers are too big, the labels are so small.

  3. oh my gosh...These are great!!! so cool!!! Colleen