Thursday, 24 November 2011

the dreaded winter months

It's now the time of year I don't like, dark, cold and damp, yuk.
But it won't stop me from working on new ideas for next years Miniature Fairs.
The above is one of my one off sets, 5 hand turned bottles with copies of old labels, the majority of my labels are now designed by myself.
This milk of magnesia label is one of my own designs (the 'Harvington Miniatures' part does not come on my bottles) this and many other labelled hand turned bottles were very popular at the new Midland Fair, a fair which is definitely on my list of must do's for next year, Nov 18th 2012.
Must say I had a very good day at the Fair and all the customers seemed to be enjoying themselves too.
 A lot more bottles and other miniatures will be added to my range for next years fairs and if all goes well I hope to be back on the road in March.
As I was asked quite a few times about half scale on Sunday I now working on some 1/24th bottles which will be added to my range for next years fairs, am quite pleased with the way these are going, these little ones measure under 1/2" tall.


  1. Love the old-fashioned labels on your bottles Dave. Really atmospheric!

  2. As always the bottles are superb and the fantastic labels the perfect finishing touch.