Saturday, 14 July 2012

Only realised today that it has been well over a week since my last post, so thought I had better get to it, am working on a few new things right now, the little candlestick holder above is now ready for our next fair which is at Crick in two weeks time, have managed to turn three of them, not easy to do due to the size as you can see from the photo.
And before anyone asks, No the candle does not actually light up!
After six weeks without a fair we have a few coming up over the next month, so will be busy making miniatures and hopefully produce so of my new ideas.
Below is the latest photo of my favourite miniature, grand daughter Martha, she has now taken a liking to her family pet (Choo).
Martha is now 5-1/2 months old and I can't see it being much longer before she is walking, she does love to be stood up.
She is now experimenting with real food and after sucking on some cucumber yesterday she was promptly sick on me!
Well what can anyone say about the current British weather, rain, rain and more rain, feels more like Autumn at the moment, so much that we have been spending more time that usual watching TV, yes I know I could at least be painting, but...
Buying a few DVD's right now, one I fancied was Survivors, this was a BBC series back from the 70's, wow I checked ebay and you should see the prices, anything from £70 upwards, so checked Amazon and found it brand new at £22, watched the first epsiode last night.


  1. Your little granddaughter is absolutely gorgeous Dave.... even if she was sick on you. That's an occupational hazard with babies.

    Fed up to the back teeth with the weather too. It's like living inside Tupperware. Longing for a bit of sun that lasts longer than 10 minutes.

    Our front garden bears more resemblance to The Somme than a lawn and our patio is currently two inches under water :-(

    Hope Crick goes well for you... the tiny candlestick is lovely.


  2. Ciao! Piacere di conoscerti ..facevo un giro di blog! Bellissime le tue miniature! E complimenti per questa !
    Sono una tua nuova amica!
    Vieni a trovarmi se ti va!
    Un bacio dall Italia

  3. Martha is adorable.
    I like your little candlestick.
    Bye Faby