Sunday, 1 July 2012

Unlocked the door!

Well I'm back, had a great week in Norfolk, the weather was brilliant, thankfully.
Did a few turnings this morning, just to get my hand in again, was good to be back on the lathe again.
Miniatures above are amongst a few that will be listed on ebay tonight.

Although we have visited before we just had to visit Blickling Hall again, it is such an amazing place, owned by the National Trust, it is kept in remarkable condition, if you get the chance to visit then don't hesitate.
Hmmmm, though if you are to spend a bit of time there take some sandwiches and a drink.
Okay money is needed for the upkeep, would have thought them entrance fees would have looked after that.
But it was so hot, we popped in the cafe for a couple of drinks, a small bottle of coke and a water, okay nothing to go mad about, but come on the cost is way over the top.
I did say something about it which is unusual for me!, but the lady just brushed my complaint aside, expect she is used to it by now, you know the type, hand knitted long skirt and knickers, white top and flat cap which looks like they have been cut out of a tent.
Come on National Trust, you are doing a good job but stop ripping customers off.

Overall though we had a brilliant holiday, Cley Mill is another great place to visit.
We found a great bookshop just a few yards away, hmm that proved to be an expensive visit, but if you ever visit this wonderful place then there is a small cafe at the mill, we had cream teas, very reasonably priced and   was very lightly priced, how I managed to finish off the pot of cream I'll never know, but I did.

And to finish this post off, again if you are ever over Norfolk there is a new Dolls House Shop, Tudor Rose Miniatures at Bawdiswell Garden Centre, it's just a few miles out of Norwich, it's a lovely shop with lots of interesting miniatures and very friendly and the Garden Centre is pretty good as well.
They now stock my wood turnings, fingers crossed they are succesful.


  1. Pleased to hear you had a lovely holiday and well done on getting your turnings into the new miniatures shop.


  2. It sounds like a lovely holiday - and of course the new turnings are super!! Well done - Tudor Rose Miniatures must be worth a visit if we're in the area.