Sunday, 16 September 2012

Smokers Chair 1/12th scale

Been relaxing and having a play this week at furniture making, having never been trained in any sort of furniture making or miniature making I have this week managed to get hold of a lovely piece of an exotic fruitwood, took a bit of doing chopping it down to size but eventually did it and this is my first attempt at a decent piece of furniture, it measures just over 2-1/4" tall and is based on a smokers chairs from one of my reference books, for a first attempt I am more than happy.
Now I know how to build it I can now make a template and hopefully produce a few more chairs of different types.
No staining here, 12 different grades of sandpaper and finished with a couple of coats of lacquer, which has given a real nice smooth finish.
I'm afraid my carpentry skills does not do this piece of wood justice, but I shall keep trying, but must say 17 turned pieces and two carved pieces tested my patience to the full.


  1. The chair is amazing, you are too modest- your skills are superb, I wish I could
    have a life size one!