Saturday, 8 September 2012

New bench

Photo is of my prototype for a cartwheel bench (3" long), just need to iron out a few things before making any more, but was an interesting learning process in making this, I will show it on my table tomorrow at Stafford and if there is any interest I will proceed and make a couple more.
Still a lot of ideas in my head so lots more to come yet.

But for now it's watercolours time, want to see if I can get the two miniatures I am working on finished in time for tomorrow.
Any yes I have, Eltz Castle, two versions, thanks Chell!

And if you are in the area then do pop into the County Showground at Stafford for what promises to be a quality Dolls House and Miniatures Fair, open 10.30 till 4 and it's only £3.50 to get in.
Do say hello to us at Harvington Miniatures if you come along.


  1. Well I have to say.... I like it (^^)
    Looks very nice. Beautiful work.

    MiniHugs, Irina

  2. My goodness Dave, you have been busy! Love the unique and beautiful. Am sure it will blow people away! Nice to see you painting again too. Good luck with the fair tomorrow.

  3. The bench is very original. I like your paintings.
    Bye Faby