Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Red Bridge Cottage

Red Bridge Cottage
Well it's almost Chateau Impney time, just a few days and we shall be exhibiting just up the road at Droitwich, possibly the best venue and fair in the Midlands, it's set in a fairy tale type of Chateau, easy to get to and plenty of parking.

Am busy painting now and restocking my stand till the weekend, there will be plenty of new paintings on my stand, the stand is so different compared to last year, so many new items on display and lots more to come yet.
Perhaps this time next year I shall have to increase the table size!

Supposed to be the last fair of the year for Harvington Miniatures, but may do possibly one more, watch this space.


  1. The painting is so amazing: The colors, the house, the bridge, the water, the whole scene.. Love it!

  2. Your painting is fabulous!
    Bye Faby