Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Woodside Cottage

Well we now have a bit of a break before our next fair, so am doing what I enjoy doing most, painting.
The one above is called 'Woodside Cottage' and adds to my array of cottage paintings, this is where I can let the artist inside me run riot, I love using colours as you can most probably tell with most of my miniatures.
There are a lot more like this on the ideas list installed in my brain.

We had a reasonable fair at the Chateau on Sunday, but nowhere near as good as last year, don't know if it was because we were in a side room, but there didn't seem to be anywhere as near as many visitors.

Hopefully by the time our next fair comes along I will have rebuilt the stand, desperately needs doing now as we have added to our range so much this past year.
Furniture is quite big on our list of ideas.


  1. Your painting is exquisite Dave. Am looking forward to seeing what else is "in your brain"!lol Celia