Sunday, 2 December 2012

New Ottoman and painting

I'm not posting so much right now, mainly because I haven't been making so much, reason being is that it is blooming cold in my workshop.
I shall be so glad to see the Spring here again!
Not been totally idle though as you can see from the upholstered ottoman above, but I can't take the credit for this, I cut the wood on my table saw, but it was then glued together and upholstered by my wife Pauline.
I may be biased but I like this a lot, there is a lot more furniture to come and all being well on our table at Stafford in January.
But with the cold weather upon us it means I get my watercolours out more, have managed two more over the past week.
The one below, well no prizes for guessing where this scene is.

And my very very latest painting, this is Hilltop, which was the home of Beatrix Potter.
This will be on the Breast Cancer Raffle table at the Thame Miniatures Fair on 23rd Feb 2013.

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