Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Finished this one this afternoon, titled 'Overgrown Cottage', just from an idea of many in my head, keeps me occupied while it's too cold in the workshop.
Hope the cold weather soon goes away, have just ordered my book on Queen Anne furniture, so hopefully photos of my attempts at some fine furniture in miniature will follow, that's of course if I can produce some!
Just like my art I have had no training at all in woodwork and indeed like everything else in my life I have learned myself.


  1. Enjoy the book, of course one has to sometimes use different tools and techniques for mini furniture, I love the book because he takes you step for step through each piece of furniture, I have made three pieces from this book now. Like you, I am also pretty much self taught, I have only been working with hard woods and proper joinery for two and a half years now.

    Another wonderful woodworking resource is the finewoodworking.com website, once you are a member you have access to lots of very good information, it always helps me to see how something is done in full scale and then figure out a way to do it in miniature.

  2. Elga you are a star, always nice to chat with a fellow miniaturist.
    I use a lot of hard woods for my turnings, but they soon wear out the teeth on a saw, my favourite is cocobolo, but have to be careful as the dust is very very toxic, but what a superb finish this wood gives.
    To date I have done a lot of tudor furniture but now want to try some finer types such as queen anne and chippendale.
    I will have a look at the site you mentioned.
    Thanks again

  3. I love your painting, it's very cold here too and it's supposed to get colder tomorrow..I'm not looking foreward to it

    enjoy your book

  4. I love your painting. Congratulations.