Monday, 28 January 2013

Miniature Hymn Board

Well time is flying by, only two weeks now till our next fair, weather has finally got a little warmer over the last few days so I have been back in the workshop.
Getting a few new miniatures ready for Stratford on feb 10th, the above is a miniature Hymn Board, numerals can be slid in and out of place so you can put in your own hymns.
Actually working on a couple more items for a church which I hope will be ready in time for Stratford.
But then I intend concentrating on some furniture, got my book about Queen Anne furniture, got a bargain off ebay, I thought it was a paperback but when it arrived it was a hardback, also signed by the author and is in mint condition, now need to spend the evenings reading and learning, then it's fingers crossed and follow the plans, good grief they certainly knew how to make furniture in those days and without all the modern tools that we now have, real craftsmen.


  1. Your board is very original.
    Bye Faby

  2. Very interesting board. I wish you to have fun and a lot of business during the fair in February. Natalia

  3. This is magical Dave......keep those wonderful little creations coming! Celia