Sunday, 2 March 2014

New turnings

Pleasant few hours on the lathe this morning, the set above is turned from Cocobolo which is an exotic rosewood. Three lidded containers, mixing bowl, mortar & pestle and a couple of plates.
This has some lovely figure in the wood and ideally suited for miniature turnings.
The tallest piece is approx 1/2" high.
Could be used as an apothecary set, or whatever you fell like it could be used for.

This three piece set is turned from ebony, hardly any signs of grain and is almost jet black.
Suited for an apothecary set.
Below is a honey pot & dipper, the honey pot is from coolibah burl and the dipper is from cocobolo.
My new hub for the broadband seems to have now removed the problems I was having before when creating and looking at other blogs.
So all being well I will be posting more blogs from now on.
If interested in any of the miniatures I post here then please contact me at otherwise these items will end up on etsy, my shop name on there is smallartist.


  1. glad to see you back!

  2. What beautiful and detailed workmanship!

  3. Thanks for the comments, more photos coming soon.