Thursday, 29 March 2012

a bit more adventurous

Testing myself again, this time with a Spinning Wheel.
24 turned parts in 4 different exotic woods, nothing is movable, just wanted it to look like a spinning wheel, it stands just a touch under 3" tall.
This project really tested my patience, I could really do with some thinner fingers!
This will be on my table at Kings Lynn over in Norfolk on April 15th, please say hello if visiting.
As usual my table (Harvington Miniatures) will only contain miniatures which are 100% hand made by myself.
Wonder what I can try and make next......hmmmm


  1. How about a set of golf clubs in a bag Dave. I have the same made in silver by a chap named Dennis Kwei who had a business in the Jewellery Quarter, Brum. Dennis was a Habberley GC member for many years. He sadly died in his 40's a few years ago. My bag and clubs are very precious to me as he gave me them to mark my Captain's year in 1992 - the bag has my name on it, and the lofts on the clubs are all authentic.
    I bet you a game that you can't do it !!!!

  2. It's perfect. I have one but not so beautiful.
    Bye Faby

  3. You've excelled yourself Dave - this is a real heirloom piece!