Thursday, 15 March 2012

Still turning

Cheltenham went okay, not the best fair I have exhibited at, but may do it again next year, but then again may not.
Could have done with a few more people through the door though.

Just taken delivery of a parcel of wood, looks lovely and managed half hour on the lathe, bit more tomorrow hopefully, the above piece is buckeye burl and I have just listed it on ebay.
Nice smooth finish which gives a nice marble effect.


  1. Pity about Cheltenham...hey ho! Onward and upward!
    This is an absolutely stunning turning Dave, really, really special. I imagine there will be a lot of competition to own it. |Beautiful

  2. This is a special tresure.
    Bye Faby

  3. love it Dave! sorry to hear the show was quiet - I think you must come back to Miniatura - Spring Min was FANTASTIC!

  4. Thans for the comments, Miniatura is unfortunately too close to Stafford, but may well look at doing Spring next year.