Sunday, 19 August 2012

another miniature

Well it's just 8 days now till the Thame Miniatures fair, still busy in the workshop, as always!

Have finished a few new miniatures which will be on our Fair table at Thame, the above is a wall plaque suitable for a church, I can supply these with other inscriptions or even left blank.
This measures just 3" wide and the text has been designed by myself.

Still a lot of new miniatures in the planning stage and hope to get quite a few more new items in production over the next few weeks and with Stafford and Droitwich coming up I really need to get some extra stock made, plus I really want to get the watercolours out again.

And just before I sign off I was asked at the Worcester fair if I could make some Turps & Meths bottles. see pic below, they are now added to our extensive range of hand turned bottles.
They are both under 1" tall.


  1. The wall plaque is very special Dave!
    Love your new bottles too - brilliant! Dare I ask if you'll be doing them in 1/24th?
    See you at Thame.

  2. Thanks Robin, as to 1/24th check my table out next monday!