Friday, 10 August 2012

Another new miniature

Well the new fair at Worcester was quite a success for us, lots of customers through the door, special thanks to those who bought from us, look forward to being there next year.

Now we are coming towards the end of Summer we are busy replenishing our stocks, especially as we now have some of the larger fairs just round the corner we need to be prepared, so lots of time in the workshop over the next few weeks.
Plus I must find time to revamp my website, it is long overdue an overhaul.
Still lots of ideas to come, one of which can be seen above, pub signs or even shop signs, hope to have a selection for the Thame fair which is on Bank Holiday Monday August 27th, will have some blank ones as well so you slip in your own picture.
My mind is still full with ideas, downside is there is not enough hours in the day!

It's a nice sunny day here, perhaps Summer has finally arrived, I won't be holding my breath though.

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