Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Thame Miniatures Fair

Well we had a great fair yesterday in Thame, lovely to meet up with old friends and some smashing customers.
Contrary to the forecast it stayed dry most of the day, even had some sunshine.

There were some quality stands and customers flowed through the door all day long, a very busy day indeed, we shall be back next year for certain.

The above painting, my copy of the 3rd Earl of Bristol (after Thomas Gainsborough) went to a really nice lady, the best painting I have done in my long career of painting and was sort of sad to actually see it go.
It is a painting that I shall not be repeating, but with a few more paintings being sold yesterday then I now have to get the paints out again.

It is the Stafford fair in just under two weeks time and have some real serious re-stocking to do, my miniature bottles and stoneware are proving very popular lately, also I have noticed a real upward trend in 1/24th scale this year, so planning to move ahead in that scale, don't know how much my poor eyes will take though.

This one is a tiny watercolour of Buckingham Palace, it measures just 7/8" x 3/4".

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  1. It was great to catchup with you yesterday matey! Your stand looked amazing- glad you did so well. Celia